Which Earrings Will Work Well With Your Face?

Many women do not consider the shape of their face when choosing earrings which is why they are not always happy about their choices. When a woman chooses earrings based on the shape of her face, she will be able to compliment her face shape and bring out her best features. With these tips, women will have a much easier time making the right choice in earrings.

How to Choose Earrings Based on Face Shape

Each woman has her own unique face shape and being able to properly compliment her features means choosing the right earrings to frame her face shape. The following tips will help women to know what type of earrings to match with each face shape, so the right choice can be made.

  • A round face can be made elongated and more slender with drop earrings that are carefully tapered. Drop earrings will elongate a face that is overly round and can actually help a woman to look more slender in her face.
  • Oval faces tend to be able to wear just about any style of earrings. Longer earrings can help to balance the contours of an oval face, while studs help to broaden the face. Either look can be attractive for an oval face.
  • Square faces look beautiful with hoop style earrings because this type of earring tends to help balance the face and make it look more proportionate. A woman with a square face should never choose square earrings as these can make her face appear even more angular.
  • Heart-shaped faces tend to look best with drop earrings that have a rounded appearance at the bottom. The rounded appearance helps to soften a sharp chin and better balance the features of a wider forehead.

Find the Perfect Pair

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